Thursday, July 14, 2011

Have a heart! Please help.

Hi everyone. This post is totally unrelated to eating disorder recovery, but I have a favor to ask each of my readers. In the city where I live, one community is planning to trap and kill over 50 wild Canadian geese because they feel the animals are a "nuisance". (One man complains they poop everywhere and eat the his precious lawn. So they should be killed?) Honestly, the geese are my favorite part of living here. They are so beautiful and magnificent. It breaks my heart at the thought of someone rounding them up and killing them. Our local SPCA has started a petition to try and save the geese from being murdered. I know that none of you (I think?) live here, but I'm asking, will you please have a heart and sign this petition anyway? You can remain anonymous and it only takes a second to sign. Many more signatures are needed. The geese are set to be killed any day now.

Thank you all. The link is located below. Have a wonderful day and be kind to yourselves!

Click here to sign!


  1. I just signed the petition.

    I can't stand that idea either.

  2. #196; happy to help! Hope it makes a difference

  3. Done and Done.
    Your wish, my command.

  4. Absolutely. I love geese... oh, and your blog!