Friday, January 7, 2011

Today's Ten Reasons: Ten Reasons I Love Me

I've made a commitment to myself to take the time to inwardly and actively reflect on my recovery by listing ten positive things about me, ten reasons that I love myself, ten reasons I am thankful, etc. Here are today's ten:

Ten Reasons I love me:

1. I have made so much progress. I am proud of myself for trying and for sticking with my recovery.

2. I have a big heart. I used to think this was a bad thing. It always led to me getting hurt. Now, I realize it's a good thing. I have more room for love, for myself and for others.

3. I'm pretty darn cute. I don't mean in a physical way. I mean in terms of mannerisms. I'm basically like a 26 year old little girl. I used to think this was a problem, too. However, now I think having the heart and imagination of a child is a good thing.

4. I have a good work ethic. I love the dedication I have toward things I am passionate about.

5. I respect people. I try to treat everyone fairly, even if they don't treat me fairly. I will always stop what I'm doing to help someone else.

6. I love love love animals and I love myself for loving animals. Maybe this goes back to having a big heart. I can't stand to see an animal hungry, scared, or in pain. I can't even count how many strays I've rescued, cleaned up, had neutered/spayed and made pets out of. My Dad always said we'd have an elephant in the living room if I could figure out how to squeeze one through the backdoor.

7. I treated myself to a delicious breakfast this morning-- a big hunk of homemade vegan whole wheat cherry pistachio oat bread. I love that even though I still have issues with my eating disorder, I can (most of the time) take care of myself.

8. I have an undying faith in God. I love that by loving him, and by his love for me, I've learned how to love myself.

9. I love that I have a sense of humor. It makes it easier to get through the day when you can stop and laugh at things. I love that my boyfriend is like this, too.

10. I love myself for sharing my story. If everyone is afraid to speak about the bad things that happened to them, how will there ever be change?

Maybe this sounds a little too much like bragging about myself but that is not how it is intended. This exercise is meant to build self-esteem and strengthen self-respect and self-value.

Can you think of ten reasons why you love yourself today?


  1. AMAZING!! Doesn't sound like bragging at all - just a wonderful idea!!

  2. <3 This is a WONDERFUL idea. !!! I hope your day is going well!

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  3. Love your post today.

    One of my goals is to write down 101 things that makes me happy and 50 reasons why I love myself. It is a very daunting project. But if you can do it then I think I can do it too.

  4. Love your list especially numbers 7 and 8.

  5. It's not bragging at all! I think from what we've seen of your life here on this blog all of your statements are absolutely true! :-)

  6. Whoa we have a lot in common! But I'm really glad you made this, you can look at it whenever you're feeling down or Ed is being mean.