Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love yourselves!

It really bums me out when girls/women don't love themselves. When they can't love themselves. I never knew how to love myself either.

I was just on twitter and saw the profile of an anorexic girl who was on day 10 of her latest fast. She had her shirt pulled up to show her ribs in a desperate attempt to prove her worth to the world. Maybe you know her. Maybe you are her. I was her for the first 25 years of my life. But I'm not that girl anymore.

I will no longer let the shape of my body dictate my self worth.

I will not let the weight of my body hold me back from enjoying this one shot I have at life.

I will not let the mirror decide whether or not I am good enough.

I will not feel guilty for feeding my body.

I will not hate my body. It has never hated me, despite the horrible things I have done to it.

I will not listen to that little voice inside of me who screams and screams not to eat.

I will pray that girl ends her fast tonight and ends it for good, even though she thinks that's the worst thing that could happen to her. It isn't.

Love yourselves

It's not too late...


  1. I do think it's sad that some girls still struggle with loving themselves, but I am SO glad you are able to view yourself clearly now! We have all struggled and I hope everyone can find their way out of their misery and self doubt! You are a wonderful inspiration xoxo

  2. Wow! What a wonderful list. I just read it like three times lol. I need to remind myself of those things everyday. Yes, I agree, I hate it when I hear about girls fasting/going on crash diets. I even have friends who have done this. If only they could see themselves for what beautiful people they really are and realize what damage they are doing to their bodies!

    Again, really loved this post


  3. Thank you, Annie! After I wrote this post I printed the list out and stuck it to my bulletin board beside my desk. I think from time to time we all need to be reminded of those things :)